Our ciders


We grow, press, ferment, bottle and distribute all of our ciders from our orchards in Adams County, PA.  No added sugars, sweeteners, colors or flavorings are added to any of the ciders we produce.  Rather, we blend different apple varieties to get the desired final product.  All of our offerings are also gluten free.  Enjoy!



Standard Label Artwork.jpg


This cider sets the standard with a bright, fruit forward flavor profile and a medium sweetness.  No added sugars or flavors, just carefully selected apple varieties that are grown, pressed and fermented here at Big Hill.  Available year round.

LRH Label Artwork.png


To elevate this cider’s bright, citrusy personality, we’ve dry-hopped it, using a blend of whole leaf Columbus, Centennial & Cascade hops – the legendary “three C’s.”  Organic lemongrass focuses the hop overtones and adds a citrusy finish to this light and effervescent cider.  Available year round.


This off-dry summer seasonal has some fresh apple cider blended to give a hint of sweetness and a wonderful apple aroma and flavor.  Crisp, tart and just what you need for those dog days of summer.  Available May through September.

Michaux Mule Art.png


Our take on a Moscow Mule, this cider has been steeped with organic ginger that warms on the finish. Fresh lime zest also lends a refreshing citrus notes, making it perfect for any weather.  We’ve back-sweetened with just a touch of fresh apple cider for a smooth apple character.  Limited availability.




Our Barrel Aged Reserve Cider is a unique blend of bittersweet & bittersharp apples varieties grown right here in our orchards.  A complex, tart and tannic flavor profile will pairs well with cheese, pork, shellfish and much more.  Available year round.

KB Label.jpg


The Kingston Black apple is perhaps the most esteemed of all English cider varietals.  This single varietal dry cider has earthy notes, soft tannins and a rustic complexity that’s reminiscent of old world ciders.  Limited availability each year.


We use crabapple trees in our orchards to help in pollination of fruit every spring.  The red fleshed Dolgo Crabapple does double-duty, lending its fruit to this wildly tart cider that’s rich in color and aroma with subtle tannins.  Limited availability each year.

Golden Russet Art.png

Golden Russet     8.0%ABV

We grow our Golden Russet in the heart of one of the country’s premier fruit growing regions.  After spending the winter resting on lees, this cider is racked and barrel aged for 8 months before bottling.  This is a true expression of our microclimate and the terroir of our orchards. 


Manchurian Art.png


Manchurian Crabapples by themselves pack a very acidic punch, even with their high brix content.  We’ve blended a bit of Winchester cider to round out the flavor and add some subtle tannins.  Both are barrel aged for one year prior to blending for a smooth vanilla and oak characteristic. Limited availability each year.

Newtown Wickson Art

Newtown Wickson    7.2%ABV

We’ve fermented and blended our Newtown Pippen and Wickson Crabapples using a traditional winemaker’s approach. This brings tropical fruit and stone fruit to the front of the palate while lively bubbles enhance the aromatics. Limited availability each year



Farmhouse Art.png


This is our take on a wild fermented cider using a yeast strain native to our orchards.  We’ve harnessed the wildbacteria and microflora from our farms to create Farmhouse, a rustic traditional cider that’s mildly funky with citrusy notes.  Available year round.

ThimbleBerry Art.png


We've blended our sour cider with copious amounts of our bramble fruit that has been wild fermented and aged for two years.  True to the name, black raspberries are upfront on the nose and in the flavor profile.  Limited seasonal availability.

Marmalade Art.png


This sour cider begins with wild skin contact fermented apples with peaches, honey and orange zest.  Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus from the wild yeast on our fruit lends a funk forward, tangy and sour characteristic.  Pairs well with cheese, the funkier the better!  Limited seasonal availability.

Kriek Art.jpg


Sour cherries pack a tart punch - especially when let to wild ferment on their own.  Blend them with our wild fermented sour apple cider and you've got a wildly tart cider with cherry notes and an intense apple aroma.   Limited seasonal availability.

Fresa Amarga Art.png

Fresa Amarga    6.9%ABV

Loosely Translated as "strawberry bitter" - Fresa Amarga is a wild fermented sour cider with bold strawberry aroma and flavor accompanied by a touch of dandelion root.  Limited seasonal availability.